Classes are not scheduled as of yet for 2019
Class size is limited to 12 members. We must enroll at least 8 students to hold the class. Please keep in mind that you are not officially enrolled in the class until you have paid the class fee of $50 and registered.
THE COST OF THIS COURSE IS $50.00. PAYMENT AND REGISTRATION ARE REQUIRED prior to attending the class. Registration forms will be available at the Clubhouse or you may download it from the BSC website. Please return the registration form WITH your payment.
The deadline for payment for class will be announced when a class is scheduled.
Apply for your Concealed Carry application packet from OSBI at www.ok.gov/osbi/ or at 1 (800) 207-6724. Bring your application packet with you to the class.
Please print and fill out the form below


Your check should be made payable to: BSC
Mail your payment and the registration form to:
PO Box 391
Bartlesville OK 74005
OR you can drop your payment together with the registration form into the lock-box on the wall in the Clubhouse.
The Course will be held in the BSC Clubhouse and will begin promptly at 8:00 AM and will end around 5:00 PM. The Rifle Pistol Range will be closed to all other shooters during the class range time (est 3pm to 5pm). There will be a one hour lunch break. No Food will be provided.
The class instructor is Charles “Mike” Miller. He is a Certified, Registered OSBI Instructor. He has had a career in Law Enforcement as a Bartlesville Police Officer, and owns Bartlesville Shooting Supply. Mike has been a successful SDA/CCW Instructor for several years, and is also a BSC member.


  1. 50 rounds of FACTORY AMMUNITION ARE REQUIRED for this course, NO RELOADED ammo will be allowed.
  2. Baseball cap or other type hat with brim
  3. Safety glasses with side shields
  4. Hearing protection
The SDA course, prepared by CLEET, requires 6 hours of classroom instruction and 2 hours of range live fire practice. You will fire a total of 50 rounds of factory ammunition. Instructor will furnish handouts and targets to students. Upon completion, students are given a certificate of attendance which must be included with their application to OSBI for license. All course participants will be required to sign a Liability Release form during the Class introduction.
PREPARE FOR THE CLASS AHEAD OF TIME: It is strongly recommended that you obtain the Oklahoma Self Defense Act License Application packet BEFORE taking the SDA course. The Application Packet can be obtained by calling the OSBI at 800-207-6724 or by visiting the OSBI website (www.osbi.state.ok.us/) and downloading or requesting the application packet VIA EMAIL. This packet contains a booklet outlining applicable firearms laws, the license application and a sample fingerprint card along with instructions for completion of the application.