Attention all Dove Hunters, Sam Hill tells me that the NEW FIVE STAND facility is open. This is a good place for Dove shooters to sharpen their skills in hopes of filling the freezer. The Five Stand field is open Wednesday evenings, Sunday afternoons and some Monday evenings. Come out an use this new facility, it is nice. Thank you to all that worked on this project, Sam Hill, Randy Wadsworth, Jack Archer, Raymond Standridge, Mike McClintock and others. I hope I didn’t forget too many. A big thanks to Nick Hughes, Nick provided the materials and labor for the new Five Stand shooting stations and they are NICE.

Five Stand is very similar to Sporting Clays in that a wide variety of targets are thrown. No two five-stands are exactly alike. There are five “stands” or stations to shoot from. There are usually somewhere between 6 and 8 traps that throw targets. Participants shoot in turn at each of the 5 stands and various combinations of targets are thrown from the traps. Usually there is a menu card that will advise the shooter of the sequence of targets. Five Stand is a great way to get a Sporting Clays like experience in a small amount of space, with very little walking

The Five Stand Range was rebuilt in 2018.