General Rules:

1. No fully automatic firearms are allowed.

“Any modification to a gun that would allow it to function as a fully automatic weapon or nearly fully automatic weapon will not be allowed to be used at the Bartlesville Sportmen’s Club.  These modifications to include, but not limited to, bump stocks, binary triggers and etc.”
2. If you are an inexperienced shooter, please contact a range officer or a member of the Board of Directors for further assistance.
3. Shooting glasses and ear protectors are MANDATORY for all shooters, referees and trap personnel.
4. Never use alcohol or drugs before or while shooting. This applies equally to medicinal drugs which might impair your reflexes or judgment. If in doubt seek      medical advice.


1. Keep the muzzle pointed below the top of the berms  (earthern embankment). Dewey is north of the ranges and within range of most rifles.
2. Pistols may be fired on the rifle range.
3. No shotguns on the range. includes pellets or slugs.
4. DO NOT fire high powered rifles or high powered pistols at the metal pistol targets.
5. Any pistol firing rifle shells may ONLY be fired on the rifle range.
6. Pickup and clean the target frames used on the rifle and pistol ranges when finished shooting.
7. Pickup ejected brass and clean your shooting bench area when you are done. There is a trash container next to the target building.
8. Use the target frames as they are designed….one target per frame and do not lean things against the legs as targets.
9. When needing to go down range:
a. Announce to other shooters you would like to “close the range”.
b. Other shooters should acknowledge the request and….
i. Unload their firearm and open the action
ii. Lay firearm on the shooting bench
iii. Step away from the bench or be prepared to go down range
c. EACH PERSON going down range flips their ALARM switch to ON.
d. ONLY THEN proceed down range.
e. Shooters not going down range are to stand away from the shooting bench (which their weapon is laying on with the action open).
f. As down range individuals return to the firing line, flip your ALARM switch to OFF.
g. When ALL alarm switches are OFF….only then will the audible alarm and strobe light go out. DO NOT handle your weapon until the alarm has shut off.
h. As one last factor of safety, view the range to verify everyone is at or behind the firing line.
i. Announce “The range is HOT”


1. Keep the action of your gun open at all times except when standing on the shooting station “ready to shoot”. This includes when you are bringing a gun from your vehicle to the shooting area. (The only exception is when an over/under is in the gun rack. It must be reopened when it is removed from the rack.
2. Trap shooters may not load more shells than targets thrown during their turn (1 for singles or 2 for doubles).
3. No shot size larger than 8 may be used on the skeet fields or 7.5 for trap or 5-stand.
4. Never load your gun except when standing on the shooting station ready to shoot.
5. Always unload your gun completely of both live and fired shells before turning around and walking off of the shooting station. Step off with the action open.
6. Never walk directly in front of the low house openings on the skeet fields. You could be struck if a target is released.
7. If an over/under shotgun is carried over the shoulder it must be with the barrels forward.