Membership Fee’s

All Members renewing must have paid the onetime lifetime initiation fee to the Bartlesville Sportsmen’s Club

Onetime Lifetime Initiation Fee: 100.00$

Annual Regular Members Dues: 50.00$

Annual Family Membership Dues: Additional 25.00$ with annual membership.

*Family Memberships: The Spouse or a Dependent of the Regular Member may become a Family Member of the Club but MAY NOT VOTE on Club business.

All applicants for membership or renewal are approved by the Board of Directors at its regular monthly meeting. All applicants will be considered regardless of creed, sex, or national origin. In order for this application to be considered the following requirements must be met.

(1) All fees must be included with the application.

(2) For new members the application must be signed by a sponsor who is a Club Member in good standing.

(3) The Liability Release section of the application must be signed.

BSC New Membership / Renewal form is available below. Renewal Memberships use the same application as new members, do not send the initiation fee with renewal as that is a one time expence. please fill the rest of the application out completly.

Please print the form and mail it with a check to:

the Bartlesville Sportsmen’s Club

P.O. Box 391

Bartlesville, OK 74005

application 2020

this form is used for new applications and renewals

Please Print and fill out this form and mail in.

1.  All new member applications receive a background check
2.  After the back ground check applications are presented to the board for a vote
3.  Board meetings are the first Monday of each month.  (Normally)
4.  All new members must attend an orientation
5.  Orientations are given on Monday evenings (least amount of traffic at the club) usually the 2nd Monday
6.  Membership applications not filled out completely or without proper funds are returned.
7. Please allow six to eight weeks from the time you mail or submit your application for a responce, if after that time you have not recived a responce please email the webmaster for help.
So depending on when in the month an applications is received affects when they are approved.
Just because an application is submitted does not guarantee acceptance.