BSC Safety Rules

Four shooting lanes with tightly-packed, straw bale target backstops are located at 15, 20, 30, and 40 yards from the shooting line. Archers stand on concrete slabs. The lanes are about 20 feet apart. Target bales are one foot off the ground and sit on wooden stands. The target areas for the 15, 20, and 30 yard targets are approximately four feet square; the target area for the 40 yard target is roughly 4 feet wide by 6 feet high. The shooting line can accommodate two archers shooting at each target, so eight people can use the range at the same time. Two bow racks will soon adjacent to the pads. 3-D targets of deer and turkey are available to BSC archers. A raised stand approximately 12 feet above ground is currently being refurbished to ensure safety. The stand is accessed by ladder. There is a rope and pulley available to raise and lower bow and arrows.

There are two additional targets set up on the archery range for the sole purpose of crossbows. If using these please only use crossbows.

The Archery Targets were rebuilt in 2018 with covers over the bails to protect them.

these were replaced (again) in 2019 after the summer flooding