• Rifle / Pistol – Jerry Stapleton
    When shooting at the steel plates, only fire at what is directly in front of you.  You are not to fire across the range at any objects.  I have tried to arrange everything where there are shooting lanes with benches inline with gongs, etc. Everyone needs to be reminded that the bullets upon contact with the steel will splatter or ricochet and there are some bounce backs with people being struck with shrapnel. I have recently…
  • BSC Fall Shoot – David Breedlove
    The club’s Fall Shoot which was originally scheduled for 10/02 has been rescheduled for Saturday, October 23. We’ll plan on shooting 50 targets of skeet, and 50 targets of trap. As usual, after the shoot is complete, we’ll have a lunch which will be pot luck. Billy Pierce will be bringing a brisket, and I’ll bring pulled pork, so we should be set on proteins – plan on bringing your favorite sides and/or desserts.
  • Graf Delivery – Russell Smith
    Here’s the new components we will be getting this month from Graf that will be stocked in the trailer. I expect delivery in the middle of next week. Alliant Extra Lite, 8lb (4 jugs)Hodgdon HS6, 8lb (2 jugs)Hodgdon H110, 1lb (10 bottles)Hodgdon CFE Pistol, 1lb (4 bottles) We still have a good supply of shot, both new and reclaimed. 209 shotshell primers are still available, but moving out fast. It’s been a very long time…
  • Big 50 Winter League – Jack Murphy
    The winter league for Big 50 will begin on Wednesday, November 10, and will be held every Wednesday night thru March 09, 2022. Shooting will begin after sundown, please arrive w/ plenty of time to get registered.
  • Rifle/Pistol Housekeeping – Jerry Stapleton
    The Wind Vanes on the rifle range are there to give wind direction they are not to be used as targets! Please do NOT shoot out the screws on the metal targets. CLEAN UP YOUR BRASS
  • Shootout at the ‘Ville’ – Russell Smith
    On July 30-August 1, 29 shooters convened at BSC for the Shootout at the ‘Ville’.  This was an NSSA sanctioned 5-gun skeet shoot. The weather was hot, but the shooting was hotter.  By way of example, in one squad of the 20 gauge, the low score 98.  On that same squad in the .410 event, the low man posted a 96.  Hot shooting, indeed. The shoot started with the doubles event and Josh Guess was…