BSC Spring Newsletter


After discussion with several board members Nick has decided that in coordination with the State of Oklahoma’s “Open Up and Recover Safely” program dated April 22, 2020, the Bartlesville Sportsmen’s Club is reopening effective Saturday, April 25, 2020.  Paragraph 4 of the Phase 1 guidance states that “State parks and outdoor recreation should reopen.”

The board would offer the following guidance to those members using the facilities:

  1. Limit the number of members in the clubhouse to 10 shooters at a time
  2. Consider using face coverings
  3. Refrain from shaking hands or touching your face
  4. Limit shooting squads to 5 shooters
  5. Utilize the outdoor seating
  6. Do not congregate, maintain social distancing

Thanks to all for your patience during this time.


Construction on the new clubhouse is complete, and it has turned out really nice.  In conjunction with the new club house, new electrical switching will be installed.  This will alleviate the problem of power to the rifle / pistol range been turned off inadvertently.  After the weather dries out, new gravel and grading will take place on the roads.

The Spring Cleanup up scheduled for April 11 will be postponed until after the club reopens.

The Bartlesville Sportsmen’s Club is a Members Only Range.

We are not open to the General Public.

New Memberships will always be considered

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“Any modification to a gun that would allow it to function as a fully automatic weapon or nearly fully automatic weapon will not be allowed to be used at the Bartlesville Sportmen’s Club.  These modifications to include, but not limited to, bump stocks, binary triggers and etc.”

clubhouse, built 2020
clubhouse, built 2020
clubhouse, built 2020
clubhouse, built 2020
clubhouse, built 2020
clubhouse, built 2020
clubhouse, built 2020