Fall Newsletter


From all of us at the Bartlesville Sportsmens Club, Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

The Bartlesville Sportsmen’s Club is a Members Only Range.

We are not open to the General Public.

New Memberships will always be considered

on the tab for GRAF Orders, there is a new form that will need to be filled out. I will work with TJ and we will determin what day we will submit the orders in bulk to him. All fields need to be filled out to be submitted. Please work with us to streamline our ordering process. We have updated the order form to have five order fields on one sumission, please look at the GRAF Tab for more information.

Thank you for your patience

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“Any modification to a gun that would allow it to function as a fully automatic weapon or nearly fully automatic weapon will not be allowed to be used at the Bartlesville Sportmen’s Club.  These modifications to include, but not limited to, bump stocks, binary triggers and etc.”