• BSC Action Target Schedule – Jerry Stapleton 
    Attn. Pistol Shooters: Come one, come all and see the latest addition to our pistol range. We have added a couple of Texas Stars & Pepper Poppers. We are updating the schedule to reserve time for these on the 4th Saturday of each month from 12:00 noon til 3:00, starting the 4th Saturday in August. At this time, it will be your prerogative to shoot as an individual or test your skills against another. Either…
  • Mowing Season
    We’re into the summer months, and the grass @ the club needs to be regularly mowed. We’ve had another incident where someone started shooting in the pistol / rifle area while James, who takes care of the club grounds, was mowing. This is a serious safety concern. We rely on our great club members as volunteers to handle just about everything at the club when it comes to maintenance etc – please be patient and…
  • BSC Spring Shoot
    Hey all –  The weather is starting to warm up and the Spring Shoot is just in time.  Just a reminder to everyone that’s interested in attending / participating – the Spring Shoot is scheduled for this coming Saturday, April 09.  We’ll be shooting 50 targets of Skeet, 50 targets of Trap, and 25 targets of 5-Stand.  As usual, this is a members only event and always a good time.  After the shoot we’ll do…
  • Club Spring Cleanup Day
    The spring cleanup day is this coming Saturday 03/26/2022 so there will be no shooting while work is happening.  If you’d like to come out to help, we’ve got a list of to-dos.
  • NSSA Training
    We will be holding an NSSA Level 1 class at the club on May 13-14.  If interested in attending, please contact Joel Blankenship @ 918.521.4223 or jblankenship.me@gmail.com
  • Trailer Restock – Russell Smith
    I have acquired a supply of the following ammo and it is in the trailer and ready for sale to our membership.
  • Associate / Junior Members
    As club renewals are underway, we’ve been receiving several questions about whether or not dependents are eligible to be Associate &/or Junior members.  The short answer is that any dependent 21 years or older doesn’t qualify for either Junior or Associate membership – after they turn 21, they’ll need to join under their own club membership.  There is no age restriction for spouses – they are eligible for Associate membership regardless of age. Here are…
  • Component Restock – Russell Smith
    Here is a list of product we received from Graf that is available for the membership. 9mm loaded ammo, Reman 115 gr9mm loaded ammo, Reman 124 gr.45ACP loaded ammo, Winchester 230 gr RNH110 powder 8lb jugs. Folks if you’re used to using Winchester 296, you can use H110 interchangeably. They are EXACTLY the same powder. Here is a quote that I picked up from Shotgun World regarding this statement. OK, let me make this as…
  • Rifle / Pistol – Jerry Stapleton
    When shooting at the steel plates, only fire at what is directly in front of you.  You are not to fire across the range at any objects.  I have tried to arrange everything where there are shooting lanes with benches inline with gongs, etc. Everyone needs to be reminded that the bullets upon contact with the steel will splatter or ricochet and there are some bounce backs with people being struck with shrapnel. I have recently…
  • BSC Fall Shoot – David Breedlove
    The club’s Fall Shoot which was originally scheduled for 10/02 has been rescheduled for Saturday, October 23. We’ll plan on shooting 50 targets of skeet, and 50 targets of trap. As usual, after the shoot is complete, we’ll have a lunch which will be pot luck. Billy Pierce will be bringing a brisket, and I’ll bring pulled pork, so we should be set on proteins – plan on bringing your favorite sides and/or desserts.