Action Target Shoot – Jerry Stapleton

Just a reminder and a heads-up on our Texas Star shoot-out. Again, it will be on the 4th Saturday of each month starting in August from 12 noon to 3 o’clock. At this time, the Rifle and Pistol Range will be shut down while the shoot-out is taking place. There will be a sign-up sheet so everyone will know in what order they will shoot. We want to make sure that ALL SAFETY RULES are observed. Please keep your gun HOLSTERED or in a protective case or scabbard until it is your time to shoot. This being the first time we have attempted something like this, there just might be some confusion, so bear with us and be patient. We will get it all figured out so everyone can test their skills and have fun.

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  1. Hi Jerry, my name is Scott. The Texas Target Shoot. What type of weapons are used. Like single action 6 shooter, semiautomatic, Blackpowder or any weapon ie rifle hand guns.

    Thanks Jerry
    [email protected]

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