Shootout at the ‘Ville – Russell Smith

The Shootout at the ‘Ville was held July 29-31. This is a NSSA-sanctioned 5-gun skeet shoot. The shootout started on Friday afternoon with the doubles event. Doubles champion was Ally Robinson. Brad Goodart & Daryl Cline were runner-up & 3rd respectively.

Our spirits for the 12-gauge event on Saturday were dampened, literally. We had a steady rain throughout the event. It gave real credence to some people’s opinion that skeet shooters don’t have sense enough to come in out of the rain. Nevertheless, Garrett Hendrickson was not shaken & emerged the winner with the lone 100. Robbie Robinson was runner up & Brad Goodart took third.

The rain passed & the 20 gauge was shot in the afternoon under clear skies. Josh Guess ran the lone 100 & took event champ. Interestingly, that 100 was the fifth 20-gauge event in a row that Josh had posted a 100. That means his rolling average for the 20 gauge is 1.0000. Brad Goodart finished runner up & Garrett Hendrickson was third.

On Sunday, the 28 gauge was shot in the morning. Robbie Robinson was event champ, followed by Brad Goodart as runner up & Scott Rennick, third.

The shoot finished in the afternoon with the .410 bore event. Josh Guess was champ with another 100. David Chancellor was runner up & Robbie Robinson, third.

Josh Guess won HOA with a 396. Robbie Robinson was runner up & Garrett Hendrickson was third.

Our club was well represented in the winner’s circle. Only one event winner was not a BSC member.

Lots of complements came your scribe’s way for running a nice shoot. I say this every time, but it remains true; this is NOT a one-man show. Lots of members help shoulder the load. Before the shoot, Jerry Shaw tidied up the clubhouse, particularly the restrooms, so our guests would have a favorable opinion of our operation. David Chancellor rounded up the referees & managed their assignments. Billy Mike Friend, again, handled lunches for both days. Billy’s selection of meals seemed to please everyone. A special thanks goes to Patty Bowers. Patty brought dozens & dozens of cookies & two cakes to round out the food. Red Miller, Brad Parker & Kurt Pendleton kept the coolers full of bottled water & kept the traps loaded with targets. Ray Vaslavsky manned the computer, entering & posting scores as they came in &, more importantly, got the shoot-offs set up, correctly & quickly.

At the end of the shooting day, besides Rick Austin, I cannot begin to remember the folks who helped clean up & close. Whatever role you played in running this shoot, please know you have my sincerest thanks.

Finally, a special thanks to BSC members who just showed up. Whether to watch the shooting or to mingle with our guests, your presence was noted & appreciated.

Russell Smith

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