Mowing Season

We’re into the summer months, and the grass @ the club needs to be regularly mowed. We’ve had another incident where someone started shooting in the pistol / rifle area while James, who takes care of the club grounds, was mowing. This is a serious safety concern. We rely on our great club members as volunteers to handle just about everything at the club when it comes to maintenance etc – please be patient and mindful of the safety of James, or whoever happens to be mowing.

While while the grounds is being mowed, there will be a ‘Range Closed’ sign on display and we’re going to begin chaining off the range to lockout shooters. If you’re at the club to shoot and James is mowing at the other end of the property, flag him down and ask him if it’s safe to shoot – he’ll let you know if he’ll be in that area or not. Any members who are caught shooting while the grounds are being mowed are subject to having their club membership revoked.

Thank you

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