Associate / Junior Members

As club renewals are underway, we’ve been receiving several questions about whether or not dependents are eligible to be Associate &/or Junior members.  The short answer is that any dependent 21 years or older doesn’t qualify for either Junior or Associate membership – after they turn 21, they’ll need to join under their own club membership.  There is no age restriction for spouses – they are eligible for Associate membership regardless of age.

Here are the specifics regarding Associate & Junior members:

*Associate Member: The spouse of a regular member and/or a regular member’s dependents who are over 18 years of age, but under 21 years of age may become Associate Members of the Club, but MAY NOT vote on club business.

**Junior Member: Regular member’s dependents that are under 18 years of age and MUST be supervised on the firing range by a Regular Member at ALL TIMES. Junior Members MAY NOT vote on Club business.

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