Component Restock – Russell Smith

Here is a list of product we received from Graf that is available for the membership.

9mm loaded ammo, Reman 115 gr
9mm loaded ammo, Reman 124 gr
.45ACP loaded ammo, Winchester 230 gr RN
H110 powder 8lb jugs.

Folks if you’re used to using Winchester 296, you can use H110 interchangeably. They are EXACTLY the same powder. Here is a quote that I picked up from Shotgun World regarding this statement.

OK, let me make this as clear as possible. The only difference between
H110 and Winchester 296 is the label on the container. There is no
other difference.

Mike Daly
Customer Satisfaction Manager
The Hodgdon Family of Fine Propellants
Hodgdon Smokeless Powders
Winchester Legendary Propellants
IMR Propellants
PyrodexTriple Seven
Goex Black Powder

Small gauge shooters, we have Hodgdon Longshot available. It is not quite as efficient to use as say, Unique or 20/28 but makes a viable load for both 20 gauge and 28 gauge.

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